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A Dragon's Future:

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Kaila, my dog May. 24th, 2008 @ 07:47 am
My dog passed away today. She was having complications and we took her to the vet and all they suggested was to say your goodbyes.

I spent about an hour with her before I left the room, tears just rolling down my face, eh heh heh.... they still are I suppose.

I love / loved my dog, my Kaila so much.
Current Mood: sadsad

His name is Dr. Rockso May. 19th, 2008 @ 02:26 am
kekekeke yeah!

Okay, it's 2:30AM, and I'm tired.... but I'm enjoying myself and I cannot sleep due to the blasted heat. Today was fun however, no complaints.

I went to see The Visitor in theaters, and then went to a lovely place called Burgoo where they served me some food I have never tried before but fell in love with it. The meal I had was called Zarzuela. I'll take a picture of the food if I go there again.

Finally got home late, drew a little bit and got back to my pitch for EA.

Speaking of EA, things are going extra-ordinarly well. I had the chance to pitch a new IP and they gave me great feedback and told me to do some changes here and there . . . and be ready to give a powerpoint presentation in 2-weeks time. Yipes!

So here I am, making sure the concept doc is all ready and the presentation is getting setup for the day. If things go well, I'll be pitching to someone big and important at EA who at the very least, will hire me as an Assistant Producer at EA and at the very most, hire me as an Assistant Producer at EA and get my IP turned into an actual EA game. That's how Playground came-to-be :)

I'm thankful tomorrow is a day off and then Tuesday will be me going with friends to see NIGHTWISH Yay :D

Probably will take a few snaps and post-em-up. Have a good night everyone.
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: The Islander - Nightwish

Update May. 11th, 2008 @ 01:23 pm
Okay okay, I got enough e-mail nudges to update. I'm not one who really keeps-up with livejournal, facebook, myspace, even my FA Journal. However, I'm running on some free-time and I can definately get back to posting now-and-again.

So, what's new with me? Well, I'm back at EA! But still a QA Contractor (Means I am working through a 3rd-party). However, I've been talking to the 'Powers That Be' and have managed to get myself into a round-table discussion of new game ideas and new games (Maybe I can swing a Assistant Producer job!). Don't get me wrong, QA is fun, but I want to move-up in the world and being stuck in QA isn't going to do that.

What else? Hmm... Well, my art has progressed quite a bit and is still progressing. I'm drawing every day and am trying to get more time to do so.

Today was a lovely mother's day; took my mom out for a lovely breakfast, then went out to buy her some plants for the garden. Among the stuff I got for my mom, I bought myself 2 small pots of Red Venus Flytraps because:
A) They look cool and
B) Sometimes the kitchen gets a small infestation of fruit-flies during the summertime and so why not give them back to Nature than using some crap-chemical?

Well, I'll try to update once-a-week, how about that? :) Makes it simple.

Okay, I'm off to some movie with my folks. Have fun everyone ^.=.^

Happy Mother's Day.
Current Mood: happyHappy

Don't read if you dislike Real World Politics Oct. 19th, 2006 @ 12:12 am
This made me extremely upset.

As Sourced by many news outlets, but this is copied from Amnesty International: Click Here to view Source

Military Commissions Act of 2006

Now Congress has passed the Military Commissions Act. Amnesty International will work for the repeal of this legislation which violates human rights principles. Among other things, the Military Commissions Act will:

- Strip the US courts of jurisdiction to hear or consider habeas corpus appeals challenging the lawfulness or conditions of detention of anyone held in US custody as an "enemy combatant". Judicial review of cases would be severely limited. The law would apply retroactively, and thus could result in more than 200 pending appeals filed on behalf of Guantánamo detainees being thrown out of court.

- Prohibit any person from invoking the Geneva Conventions or their protocols as a source of rights in any action in any US court.

- Permit the executive to convene military commissions to try "alien unlawful enemy combatants", as determined by the executive under a dangerously broad definition, in trials that would provide foreign nationals so labeled with a lower standard of justice than US citizens accused of the same crimes. This would violate the prohibition on the discriminatory application of fair trial rights.

- Permit civilians captured far from any battlefield to be tried by military commission rather than civilian courts, contradicting international standards and case law.

- Establish military commissions whose impartiality, independence and competence would be in doubt, due to the overarching role that the executive, primarily the Secretary of Defense, would play in their procedures and in the appointments of military judges and military officers to sit on the commissions.

- Permit, in violation of international law, the use of evidence extracted under cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or as a result of "outrages upon personal dignity, particularly humiliating or degrading treatment", as defined under international law.

- Permit the use of classified evidence against a defendant, without the defendant necessarily being able effectively to challenge the "sources, methods or activities" by which the government acquired the evidence. This is of particular concern in light of the high level of secrecy and resort to national security arguments employed by the administration in the "war on terror", which have been widely criticized, including by the UN Committee against Torture and the Human Rights Committee. Amnesty International is concerned that the administration appears on occasion to have resorted to classification to prevent independent scrutiny of human rights violations.

- Give the military commissions the power to hand down death sentences, in contravention of international standards which only permit capital punishment after trials affording "all possible safeguards to ensure a fair trial". The clemency authority would be the President. President Bush has led a pattern of official public commentary on the presumed guilt of the detainees, and has overseen a system that has systematically denied the rights of detainees.

- Limit the right of charged detainees to be represented by counsel of their choosing.

- Fail to provide any guarantee that trials will be conducted within a reasonable time.

- Permit the executive to determine who is an "enemy combatant" under any "competent tribunal" established by the executive, and endorse the Combatant Status Review Tribunal (CSRT), the wholly inadequate administrative procedure that has been employed in Guantánamo to review individual detentions.

- Narrow the scope of the War Crimes Act by not expressly criminalizing acts that constitute "outrages upon personal dignity, particularly humiliating and degrading treatment" banned under Article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions. Amnesty International believes that the USA has routinely failed to respect the human dignity of detainees in the "war on terror".

- Prohibit the US courts from using "foreign or international law" to inform their decisions in relation to the War Crimes Act. The President has the authority to "interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions". Under President Bush, the USA has shown a selective disregard for the Geneva Conventions and the absolute prohibition of torture or other ill-treatment.

- Endorse the administration’s "war paradigm" – under which the USA has selectively applied the laws of war and rejected international human rights law. The legislation would backdate the "war on terror" to before the 11 September 2001 in order to be able to try individuals in front of military commissions for "war crimes" committed before that date.
Current Mood: angryVery Pissed Off

Shock!! Oct. 2nd, 2006 @ 05:44 pm
Like, wow!

So here I am with my parents yesterday at "The Olive Garden" talking about stuff, then it turned to my mom talking about wanting to go to Italy. My dad picks instantly up on the idea and after some more talking, turns to me and says, "Why don't you come with us next summer and then, do some backpacking on your own? We'll go to Italy, you shall spend some time with us, we'll hand you an open-ended ticket after a few days and go off on our own. You'll get the transport over, but you'll have to pay for everything else while you are there."

My eyes grow wide as my mom nods in agreement. So, as it looks like, I might be starting in Italy next summer and doing some travelling over Europe. . .

Anyone want to come?
Current Mood: ecstatic!!!1
Other entries
» I love Sandpot
Seafood Sandpot and bubbletea at the same place? I'm in heaven . . . And I'm going back tomorrow.... Mmm

» The Short and the Long of my Vacation
The short:

I was gone for two weeks. In that time, I met up with my good friend Sara and her husband, flew to Buffalo, met up with Silvy, made a few new friends, went to Feral, back to Buffalo, back to see Sara and came in just tonight. I had a blast.

The long:

Left early morning on the 29th to go to Seattle. Damned immigration. It caught a few passengers, forcing everyone (including myself) to wait; dulldrums. Upon arrival, I instantly went to meet-up with Sara, an old friend of mine who is trying to get me involved in starting a dessert restaurant in Seattle. So in the course of the next day-and-a-half, herself, her roomies and I watch a few movies (NEVER WATCH CUBE ZERO... CRAPPIEST MOVIE EVER) and on the 30th, I head out to Buffalo.

Talk about the red-eye, I slept through most of it, save for my demented lay-over in Philly which lasted 6 hours on my account, as they needed a volunteer to wait for the next flight. (Bonus was, was that I got a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in Continental North America with no blackout dates). So, I found a kiosk for the Rosetta Stone (A learning language program) and weaseled my way into using the program for a bit and learned basic words in Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Thai, Korean and Latin. Do I remember any of it? Vaguely. Learning languages has never been my strong-point.

So, I arrive in Buffalo, and I'm waiting in excitement to meet Silvy, except, I got the wrong flight number from him . . . Oops! Ah well :) We met, I was fluttering, and calmed down as quick as I could, being in wait for his Sister. I swear, his sisters are wonderful :) Maybe I got the 'special treatment' but I doubt it. I can generally tell when others are masking their true feelings.

Come night-fall, we are delivered to Bandit's place, (A great guy ^.-.^) to whom I meet Bandit, Dragoth and StageLion, to which all three are great. Time passes and after a long drive up north . . . Feral!

Feral rolled right into view. Oy vey! What a blast. Cabin 4 was the best, no one can dispute it. Even with one guy who was consistently being picked on (I'm guilty as well), he seemed to enjoy the picking, except when he got flustered, but that was after he said that we were jealous of him getting some action. Hey, he set himself up for the fall.

So, after a long night of not really being able to sleep all too well, I oddly enough, wake up early. I enjoyed a brief shower and decided to go on the canoe trip with everyone else, except I wanted a bit of alone time, so I grabbed a kyack. D'Oh! I'm told, just as I ask the group as they disembark if I can join them, I'm told that the kyack cannot leave the lake area. So I turn about to see another furre (Hurk) and I ask if I can join him in a trip about the lake to which he happily insists that I do. So, I go about with him for an hour to make my whole trip time of 2 hours and head back to the dock to grab some lunch. Later I talk Silvy into going Kyacking with me and off we go.. tra-lah-lah, and five minutes into it, my kyack flips and I'm dead in the water, about 150 feet out. So, I get laughed at from some guy at the dock, commenting on how good the flip was, to which I just grin like a fool before laughing back. I was having a good time. Silvy finally notices me and the patrol boat offers to drag the kyack in, but unfortunately, I have to swim back. I disliked swimming with my pants on that decided to take in about four liters of water into it so that it felt like I was dragging bricks back to the dock, haha.

The food sucked.

Got time to draw :) Played a game of Betrayal with some cabin mates and a few others. Made lots of friends. Got my Web Design contract to Verbal, so I'm up-and-running ^.-.^ Success!

A few nights pass and I finally take out my El-Wire to which it was instantly strung over the cabin. It did look good. I then took out my Version 1 (Thanks again Yao-Chi!) El-Wire mod, wrapped it around myself and went to the dance. I tried to leave, but I was dragged back into it by Silvy, haha.. What a silly. Sweet and silly.

Finally, things were packed up and the trip concluded back at the Airport the following day to which I bid Silvy farewell. Ironic that as his plane started to leave, my mp3 player put on: http://download.silenthillfever.com/Lost%20Carol.mp3 Just post up the end credits of who the director was and the Executive Producers, then fade to black for the rolling credits. Two hours later, my flight departed with me on-board.

Got back with Sara and the following day, played Serenity, the pen & paper version. My character was just a 'stand-in' but it gave me a few minutes of play time. The next day, played some Vampire: The Eternal Struggle; I must admit it is fun and has some perks that Magic: the gathering rarely offers. The a BBQ, mm... And I got to talk to Sara's roommate who mentioned that he remembered that I was toting about my pencils and sketch book, and if I had the experience and wanted to move down, he could find me a job as a graphics designer. I was flattered, but told him to hold off on that offer for a few years as I want to get some schooling and more experience. He nodded and told me that it'll always be there. Sweet!

And so, I watched more movies, (WATCH THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION! YOU'LL LIKE IT!), and finally on Wednesday, the 12th of September, 2006, I headed home, to which Immigrations had one more laugh at me *groan*. But, now I'm here, finally getting my 3/4th perspective down after drawing it again and again for the zillionth time. To put icing onto this long post, and as a congrats for reading this far:

» The recuiters!
Dianetics is a very stupid thing that covers all of the crappy Scientology. Oy!

Here I am, at the PNE (A gigantic fair) and my dad comes up laughing at me and then shows me the stupid machine that the Scientologists use to measure your stress level.

Ovbiously, I love messing about with this crap, so I wander over to the booth and some guy asks me, "Do you want a free stress test?"

I'm like, "Sure, why not?" So the guy points me to someone else who asks me to sit down and tells me to hold onto two cans with wires extending from them. Ooohh ahhh, I figured instantly that all it was was a stupid machine that would send current from me through one can and into the next.

So the guy turns dials and knobs, tweaking numbers and up the meter goes to a certain spot and halts.

Owtch! I feel a little zap in my hand and I loosen my grip and to my surprise(NOT) the meter plunges down all the way. The guy then instructs me to hold on so that it gets a proper reading.

Then I have to think of something stressful currently in my life to @#%!ing see if I'm stressed. So, the grinning me is thinking of only two things: Smiley faces and Melted Butter by Popcorn. Whooosh! The meter shot right up and the guy tells me I'm really stressed. He then asks me what I was thinking about and I go "Oh, me fighting with my sister." And the questions ensue until finally he asks me, "Do you feel unhappy about bickering with your sister?"

"Sure" I reply.

"Here, read the back of this book and tell me what you think." And surely enough, he hands me a book on Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard. It reads on the back soothing messages like "Are you feeling down and unhappy? If so, this book is for you." And then I hand the book back, nodding, trying not to laugh.

Finally, I tell him I may buy the book later as a simple excuse to run away.

Before I could go though, he hands me two slips and tells me to go to these if I'm interested. I look at the slips, and one is where I can get a free personality test at their Vancouver Branch. The other one stated that there was going to be a seminar in a few days to where I could learn how to show friends and family members how they can make their lives better . . . for only 50 dollars! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

It felt nice walking away, only to break out in laughter.

Man, do I really fucking hate Scientology.

On a happy note: Tom Cruise has lost his contract with Paramount. Why? TommyBoy has been too evangelistic and Paramount doesn't want any bad press because of Cruise's ties to the bad-pressed Scientology.
» It's all about meme
Okay . . . I do this for laughs.

[A is for age]
Tuh-onetee wun

[B is for booze of choice]
B.C. Growers Coolers, any of their flavors save Dry Apple (ew)

[C is for career of choice]
Writer / Artist.

[D is for your drug of choice]
Creativity (I can get big rushes if I am on a running streak with my creativity)

[E is for one essential item you use everyday]
My 'big man'

[F is for favorite song at the moment]
"Teardrop" by Massive Attack

[G is for favorite game]
This answer constantly changes. Currently: Shadow of the Colossus

[H is for Hometown]
Vancouver BC, Canada

[I is for instruments you play]
Piano, Synth Keyboard, Alto Sax, Baratone Sax, Bass Guitar

[J is for favorite juice]
Mango :9

[K is for kids]
My nieces are wonderful and I love them, but seeing my sister and brother-in-law, I'm sort of deterred from having them myself.

[L is for last hug]
Random Cos-Player at Anime Evoultion last night.

[M is for marriage?]
Uh . . . Hum . . . Currently Single and marriage isn't something I'm currently gunning for.

[N is for nickname]
Floru, Flo, Ebb, Greg, G-Unit, G-Man, G-Slice, G, Man, You, Guava (Thanks Davecko :P It's caught on), Sir, Dear, High-One, Mister, (etc, etc.)

[O is for number of overnight hospital stays]
2 months.

[P is for phobias]
Fear of extreme heights without being safe.

[Q is for quote]
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." -Henry Ward Beecher

[R is for biggest regret]
Don't ask, don't tell.

[S is for singing]
I was in a choir until I went into grade 7.

[T is for time you woke up]
11:03 AM

[U is for underwear]
White Boxers. I do have some boxers that are bright with a smiley face in the groin area with a message on the face saying "Lick Here" but I've never worn it.

[V is for vegetable you love]
Carrots... mmm

[W is for worst habit]

[X is for number of x-rays you've got]
I forget >.-.<

[Y is for yummy food you make]
I tend to cook non-American food (E.g. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, East Indian, Malaysian, Jamacian, Polish [Big and hearty perogies are the best] and so much more)

[Z is for zodiac sign]

It's like, I'm done! Whoo..
» (No Subject)
Yeah, I got home last Wednesday, but I decided not to post until now. The tournament went okay, but I dropped out of it during the first day because of my poor record from bad hands and a horrible draft pool. The okay part was from the side-events that I went into and the friends I hung out with.

Next plans: Feral.
Departure time: August 27th
Return time: September 7th

I'm sure I'll update my LJ often enough before I head out.
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